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Meet the crew

Meagan aka Co-President

As a former journalist and current PR specialist, Meagan’s love for mountain biking was ignited when she moved to the mountain biking-mecca of Squamish, B.C, Canada. Since moving to Wellington in 2011 and having a bit more of a work-life balance, she’s thrown herself into mountain biking full tilt – partly because of the awesome tracks and partly because of the amazing friends she’s made through the club!

After three years as a ride guide and two on the crew, Meagan decided to help take on the lead role in 2015. As Co-Presidente, Meagan is responsible for keeping up with 'all things cycling' around Wellington, putting together the Weekly Revolver, helping respond to Revolve's ever-growing inbox and planning Revolve’s two women-only events – Women of Dirt and Super V.

Keen to contribute to mountain biking across the board, she also manages communications for Trail Fund NZ and coaches the MTBers of tomorrow through WORD – Wellington's after school youth mountain bike programme – and recently became a Juliana ambassador. When not writing or biking, Meagan can on the volleyball court, skiing or catching up with friends over a glass of vino.

Laura aka Co-President

For the last ten years Laura's life was pretty much about mountain biking. So much so that when a job came up in Rotovegas, she jumped at the idea and helped establish Revolve Rotorua. Living right next to the Whakarewarewa forest meant that Laura could sneak in a cheeky detour into the forest on the way to work and back home again.

In February 2016, after a miscalculated attempt at trying to fly off a cliff and a helicopter trip to Middlemore hospital, Laura is now developing her skills on a new set of wheels.

She is now mastering the wheelchair wheely and hops and drops on curb crossings. While she loves watching Danny Macaskill's latest tricks, her real role model is Martyn Ashton.

Although Laura's legs are temporarily hibernating she is still super keen to encourage women to get into riding and support them to improve their skills.

And she's just bought a mountain bike!

Rachel aka MTB Ride Coordinator

Rachel has been riding for nearly 3 years and signed up as our MTB Ride Guide Coordinator in 2020.
She first joined Revolve at the Super V event, infamously winning the Spirit of Revolve award for three crashes in one race run!
She has loved the female support and encouragement from the Revolve sisterhood and although the tumbles and crashes may still come often, there's plenty more hi5s to share in overcoming new trails and obstacles!

Courtenay aka Web and Comms Manager

After 12 years of competitive cheerleading and coaching that took her to competitions in the likes of Las Vegas and Orlando, Courtenay decided it was time to retire from the sport she loved to get more time back in her life.. insert Mountain Biking in to this new found spare time and she's still as busy as ever!

After encountering a few bikers who were more in to looks than having fun on the bike, Courtenay came across Revolve and loved the female community and support within the group and threw herself full force in to trying as many new trails as possible. Courtenay started off as a ride guide for Revolve to help continue to promote and grow female participation in mountain biking, and after setting the Revolve Instagram page up (@revolve_wellington), when the Web and Comms Manager role came up on the committee she was a natural fit to fill the vacancy!

Often found upside down at the top of the trails (see picture..!), she still likes to incorporate a bit of her past life and flair from cheerleading in to mountain biking too.

Sarah aka Co-Road Ride Coordinator

Sarah was an 80’s kid so riding bikes is part of her DNA. From popping wheelies around the Polytechnic Campus down the road to kamikaze races down the hill in the back paddock where the only way to avoid hitting the fence was to bail off, she’s spent most of her life on bikes.

Sarah got her first ‘real’ mountain bike in 2001 when she moved to the West Coast to work for DOC and started exploring the forestry roads and back country tracks behind Hokitika. In 2011 she got her first road bike to train for the Coast to Coast (a drunken dare that became a 5 year obsession) and in 2016 branched out and added a TT bike to complete the collection which at last count numbered 6 (the correct number of bikes to own is N+1 right?!)

Sarah work for Parks, Sport and Recreation at Wellington City Council so getting people active is both her job and her hobby. She loves being active and also runs (badly), swims (slightly better), white water kayaks (not enough) and has recently got into climbing which is heaps of fun. She also loves tramping and tries and get out in the hills as much as possible.  

Nicola aka Co-Road Ride Coordinator

Nicola joined Revolve in 2014 after getting a bike to ride to work, and was looking for other people to ride with. After getting over the shock of 8am starts on Saturday, Nicola started riding regularly with Revolve, and loved the companionship and support the club offered, and has made some amazing friends. Nicola the stepped up to become a ride guide, the joined the crew as Road Ride Guide Co-coordinator. Nicola believes in getting more women into cycling, and Revolve is perfect for that, with it’s non-competitive nature.

Nicola works as a Building Services Draftsperson, and lives in the central city with her partner Richard, who has become a keen E-biker after major surgery to replace a heart valve. Nicola is also a self confessed cat lady, and is dedicated staff to two beautiful Burmese cats.

Amelia aka Memberships Coordinator

After a few years abroad followed by a few in Queenstown, it was time for Amelia to return to Wellington to finish her studies. Thinking the adventure lifestyle was all but behind her, it didn't take long to find an epic group of badass women to explore a new side of Wellington.

Revolve was a lifeline during the dark days (late nights?) of study, and when the Revolve Memberships role came up, it was the perfect chance for Amelia to give back to the crew.

Amelia is a big advocate for anyone on the fence about joining a ride or getting in touch, to just go for it. You never know how much it could change your life!

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