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About Us

Established in 2009

Revolve has evolved quite rapidly since founders Ashley and Marjolein met in March 2009 at a mountain bike race called the Screaming ‘O. What started as a casual Saturday morning road ride group quickly grew into an enthusiastic Taupo training group. They had such a great time with the ladies that they got to thinking: maybe we’re on to something! 

And the rest is history…

Revolve has grown in multiple ways over the years. By 2015, over 1000 people had signed up to the "Weekly Revolver" e-newsletter to stay in the loop. We have Facebook and Instagram pages in full swing, with more and more likes rolling in. The number of rides, social trips, community events and other fun cycling activities has multiplied over the years, and to keep up and stay on top of all this Revolve has had an established Crew (committee) since 2011. Meet the current committee HERE.

To learn more, watch Ash & MJ’s TED TALK about their mission to establish Revolve!

Our mission

Revolve’s objectives and initiatives:

  • Help beginners break into the sport and enjoy biking, as well as facilitate the continued improvement of riding skills and confidence of all levels of participants.

  • Offer weekly/fortnightly rides throughout the year.

  • Encourage participation in regular skills clinics and maintenance clinics to improve knowledge of bike handling skills and bike equipment.

  • Help riders gain confidence for first time races or maintain fitness for races throughout the year.

  • Promote biking to girls and women of all ages to encourage self-improvement and confidence in themselves and others which can relate to skills used in everyday life.

  • Protect, maintain and assist with building and maintaining trails in the Wellington area.

  • Send out weekly e-newsletters to provide a wide variety of cycling information and opportunities for women.

In May 2011 Revolve received Charitable Trust status. You can find Revolve’s constitution HERE , which was updated in 2020, if you’re keen to read more.

Join us for a ride! 
Newbie's info

For questions or to contact the Revolve team, email us! 
Email the Wellington crew. Email the Rotorua crew. 
HQ | Wellington, New Zealand.

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